Anna Eva Radicetti - (Italy) works in development cooperation since 1996; since then she has worked and lived in the Balkans, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Belgium and now New York City where she continues creating a series of colourful abstract paintings where she mixes pigments and other mediums, especially cold wax.

On the wax she often traces scratches and marks which disappear under the successive layers to then re-emerge at the end either in a more visible or more subtle fashion. AER almost never uses paintbrush, but spatulas, sponges and various objects of everyday life, such as forks - for example.

From an acrylic warm base colour, usually ocher, she begins the execution: colour on colour, layer upon layer - AER alternates opaque and bright shades, transparent with more solid tones....and continues till the next layer appears.   

Monkeys l mixed media on canvas -- 35x35cm. Framed